About BOO

"So cool and collected you can almost see the dry ice. Irresistible."

– Electronic Sound Magazine

Brigitte Rose and Chris Black were magnetically drawn across the globe from Tasmania and Scotland to unite in London. Using their synths as a Ouija board, they brought BOO from the ether to radiate inter-dimensional indie synthpop. 

They migrated to the Sussex coast to create their debut album ‘Incomplete Until Broken‘. Reviewers across the land compared BOO to the likes of Stereolab, Crystal Castles and Yellow Magic Orchestra

Their second album ‘Radiation’, a meditation on broadcasting, garnered further critical acclaim and built on their solid synthpop credentials. After the success of their third album, cold war pop classic ‘Snare’, they released a limited edition remix album featuring work from contemporaries Finlay Shakespeare, midierror, Matt Culpin (Dancing with Ruby, Northern Kind) and more. 

Recorded before and during lockdown, their highly anticipated fourth studio album ‘Yesterday Tomorrow and You’ was written as a survival handbook for the future in four chapters. Louder Than War dubbed it “the pinnacle of their career to date”.

BOO’s work encompasses every aspect of music production, from designing and making their CDs and videos to creating lighting and video art for their dazzling live shows.

In 2022, to celebrate ten years of BOO the band started a monthly livestream on YouTube. BOO-cast gives a glimpse behind the curtain as they create their fifth studio album, Compulsory Games, to be released on October 31st 2023.

"Quirky... thought provoking, an act capable of making you move whilst always remaining unpredictable"

– Louder Than War